Among the reasons I love the computers and writing community and the Computers and Writing conference is the strong sense of mentoring and support and its DIY hacker spirit. Case in point: Some years ago the community decided to create the C&W GRN Travel Awards, available to graduate students and non tenure-track faculty who participate in the Graduate Research Network, a pre-conference works-in-progress workshop. (The GRN is itself another example of the mentoring spirit of the community.) The Travel Grants were originally funded through direct donation and an Ebay auctions of donated items. For the third year in a row, the travel grants will be funded by Ride to Computers and Writing, a pledge ride in which various attendees of the conference will travel all or part way by bike, roller ski, or foot in order to help raise money for the travel grants.

As both past recipient of and a contributor to the GRN Travel Grants, I ask you to consider joining me in making a tax-deductible cash donation to help fund this year’s grants.  [Ride to Computers and Writing web site.]