And, finally, the 25th anniversary of Orality and Literacy CFP for the Computers and Writing 2007.

CFP: Orality and Literacy 2.0: Orality-Literacy Contrasts and the Next 25 Years

As you may know, I’ve organizing conference sessions for both the upcoming MLA and CCCC to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the publication of Walter J. Ong’s Orality and Literacy (1982-2007). I’d like to finish this celebration off with one or two sessions at Computers and Writing 2007 (Wayne State University, 17-20 May 2007), centered around the theme “Orality and Literacy 2.0: Orality-Literacy Contrasts and the Next 25 Years.” Since Orality and Literacy is itself broad in scope, I want to keep the list of possible topics broad as well. Potential topics include:

  • classification and folksonomy
  • digital culture
  • digital literacies
  • digital rhetoric
  • digital textuality
  • digital writing
  • digitization
  • ecological approaches to culture, knowledge, and technology (including but not limited to information ecology and media ecology)
  • embodied cognition
  • hermeneutics in the digital era
  • materiality and media
  • media dynamics
  • medium theory
  • memory
  • network theory
  • oralism
  • the organization of the sensorium in its relation to media
  • performance studies
  • phenomenology and noetics
  • texts and/as technology
  • visualism and visual culture

While Orality and Literacy’s 25th anniversary is the occasion for the session(s), presentations need not adhere closely to that text, although familiarity with Ong’s work on orality-literacy contrasts and a nod to those works would be appropriate. What I am particularly interested in is the state of orality-literacy contrasts now and possibilities for the future. Although not required, I would also like to include some presentations which make specific connections with the conference theme of Virtual Urbanism.

For more more information about the Computers and Writing 2007 and the conference theme, please see the conference web site, and those interested in learning more about Ong’s work on orality-literacy contrasts may find my bibliography of use.

Please send inquiries and abstracts (no more than 300 words) by December 1, 2006 to John Walter walterj[at]slu[dot]edu.

If you or someone you know may be interested in participating, I’m more than happy to discuss suggested topics and exchange ideas as the proposals are being drafted.

I’ve set the submission deadline early enough (December 1) so that if I don’t include someone’s paper, they’ll have more than enough time to work up and submit another proposal to the conference if they wish.

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