Donna’s tagged me/awarded me with a Thinking Blogger award, and I want to pass on the favor. The hard part is to limit this to five blogs. While these aren’t necessarily the blogs I most enjoy or the bloggers I want to read as soon as I see something has been posted (though some are), they are five blogs that consistently make me think, consistently teach me something, even if that something is about blogging itself. They are:

While I’m not surprised by the eclectic nature of this list, it became clear to me quickly that this list would look quite different if I were listing my favorite blogs, the blogs I most want to read, the blogs I most want to be in dialogue with, the blogs I most enjoy, or the blogs I don’t want to do with out. While there is overlap, each of those six lists would include different blogs, and only one of the blogs listed above might make it on all six lists. And realizing this has got me thinking….