The third hour-long 1 Book, 1 Twitter with Neil Gaiman in which they discussed American Gods took place earlier today. I didn’t participate or read it live, but enjoyed reading the conversation. All three sessions are available and worth reading.

A few favorite question/response exchanges from today’s session include:

@neilhimself I would love to read the version of AG in Dream’s library, how long a book do you think that would be?

@poodlemaster I think it would either fill a dozen shelves, or be twice as good and half as long.


@neilhimself Do you consider American Odin to be less powerful / derivative of Norse Odin, or just different but equal?

@meaganoff He’s more fun to write, because he’s more screwed up. He’d like to be as powerful as Norse Odin was in his glory days.


@neilhimself Are there any AG characters you plan to revisit in a different context as in Anansi Boys?

@T_Lawson I want to do more MONARCH OF THE GLEN stories about Shadow in the UK. Then send him home.

and, finally,

Do you ever see yourself in Mr. Wednesday?

@Asche_zu_Ash if you’re doing your job as a writer you had better see yourself in all the characters

American Gods was the first book chosen for the 1 Book, 1 Twitter discussion, which was the brainchild of Jeff Howe of Wired.