Announcement: Reading/Community Response Posts and Participation Posts

[Dec. 8 addendum: Please see the end of this post for an addendum regarding Week 16.]

As we begin to wind up the semester, a few comments on Reading and Community Response posts and Participation posts:

Reading and Community Response Posts: As per the revised assignment guidelines, during Weeks 2-15, you are required to write one (1) weekly Reading Response and one (1) weekly Community Response posts for a total of 11 Reading Response posts and 10 Community Response posts. If you have blogged regularly as required, you will have now met this goal. (21 posts x 4 points = 84 points.)

With three weeks left in the course, there are six (6) additional blog posts you can make to help catch up if you are  behind on your Reading and Community Response posts.

Participation Posts: As per the assignment guidelines, during Weeks 2-13 and Week 15 you are expected to make three (3) weekly posts for a total of 39 posts. (No participation posts are required during Week 14.) If you have been posting diligently, you will  have 33 of the 39 required posts. (The last 6 posts are to be done during Weeks 13 and 15.)

While no participation posts are required during Week 14, you are more than welcome, even encouraged, to make up to three participation posts during that week to help make up for any participation posts you may have missed.

Extra Credit

As I’ve reduced the number of required Reading and Community Response posts to help allow some people to catch up, I want to offer a chance to earn some extra credit for those of you who have kept up with your blog posts. For each post beyond the required 21 points, you can earn .5 points to your final grade. For those of you who have not missed a Reading or Community Response post, that’s a possible 3 points to your final grade (6 posts x .5 points = 3 points).

Week 16 Addendum

Participation Posts: I’ve decided to open a Week 16 Participation Post forum in Blackboard for those of you who would like to make up missing discussion posts. You may post up to three times this week.

Reading Response Post: I’ve also decided to offer the opportunity to make a Reading Response post this week on your blogs. As per the guidelines above, you may use this post to make up a missing post or, if you’ve reached the required 21 blog posts, you may use this opportunity to earn extra credit as described above.

While participation posts and reading response posts need to be different, I encourage you to use these opportunities to reflect on the course, and offer this prompt as a suggestion:

For this bonus week of discussion, it seems appropriate to reflect upon what we’ve covered this semester while also looking to the future of English studies in light of digital technoloigies. A good way to start thinking about this might be to reread the Course Introduction I included on the course syllabus, which would have been one of the first things you read for this class. While you should read all eight paragraphs, pay particular attention to the final one:

“If ‘the business of the future is to be dangerous,’ then the answer is not to hide from it but, as McLuhan suggests, ‘to contemplate what is happening.’ Or, as Michel de Montaigne, the Renaissance writer and inventor of the essay — a genre thoroughly entwined with the rise and logics of print — once wrote, ‘The thing of it is, we must live with the living'” That is what this course is about: To understand how English studies might live within a digital world.”

Now, here at the end of the semester, what is your understanding of how English studies might live within a digital world? What are your hopes, concerns, suggestions, and predictions?

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