Announcement: Changes to Reading and Community Responses

Beginning in Week 8, Reading Responses will now be due on Thursdays by 10:00 PM and Community Responses will be due on Sundays by 10:00 PM. Also, because Sunday, Oct. 19 falls within Fall Break, there is no required Community Response during Week 8. However, you have the option of posting a Community Response during […]

Sample Reading Response Posts

As you get ready to write your Reading Response post for this week, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite posts from last week. Each makes use of one or more of the week’s readings to think through ideas and they do so by making specific reference to the texts we’ve […]

Welcome to WRIT 502

Welcome to the course site for John Walter’s WRIT 502-001: Cyber-Rhetoric: Literature, Theory, Technology (Fall 2014) at Winthrop University. As you get started, I suggest you read the Introduction to get a sense of what we’ll be about this semester. After that, I’d suggest looking at the requirements and the policies for the course. After that, you […]