Participation, Informed and Active

Download the Participation (Blackboard Forum Posts) Assignment guidelines.

Due: Ongoing, at least three posts per week (31 August – 6 December; with the exception of Thanksgiving week, Week 14).

General Assignment

During weeks 2-15 (Aug. 31 – Dec. 6, not including Week 14), you will be expected to make three (3) weekly posts in our Blackboard discussion forums. Unlike the formal Reading Response and Community Response posts made on your blogs, these posts are intended to take the place of in-class discussion. For the purposes of our course, they also represent your “attendance” in our class.

For each week, I will create a general discussion thread for the week and specific threads for each assigned text (or clusters of texts). I will also create a thread for each major assignment. To fulfill your course requirement of Informed and Active Participation, you will want to log in to Blackboard and read through the forums at a minimum of two or three times per week. Some of the posts you make will initiate conversation and other posts you make will continue conversations started by others.

General Requirements

Keeping in mind that this is a 500-level writing-intensive course, all thee weekly posts need to be thoughtful and make direct reference to the reading(s), showing evidence that you are engaging critically with the material. This does not mean, however, that you must have a fully-formed opinion on the topic. In fact, I encourage you to make provisional statements, to focus on areas of difficulty, and to pose questions intended to prompt discussion.
To receive full credit, you must:

  • Make three (3) full posts per week, starting Aug. 31 and ending Dec. 6, not including Week 14. (A week is Sunday – Saturday.),
  • Posts should:
    • Be between 75-250 words,
    • Make direct reference to the reading(s) – cite page or paragraph numbers (for readings) and time location of a video and audio (e.g., at 40 seconds into the video McLuhan says…”),
    • Show insight and engagement with our course content (this can be in the form of contextualizing or framing a question if you’re trying to start a conversation about what something means),
    • Allow room for others to respond as part of a conversation,
    • Make reference to related concepts covered in other readings when appropriate, and
    • Optional: Bring in (link to) additional resources.

Acceptable forum posts will receive full credit. Partial credit might be assigned for a post that fails to fulfill the spirit of the assignment.

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