Due: Friday, 29 August, 10:00 PM

Submit: Email to instructor as an attached file.

To complete the questionnaire, you can download it (.doc) or copy and paste it into a document (.doc, .docx, or.rtf). Please make sure you include and respond to all three sections.

Part I: General Questions

1. Your name.

2. What drew you to this course? (If you’re taking this course because it fulfills a requirement, tell me why this course rather than other coures that could fulfill the same requirement.)

3. What aspects of English studies are you particularly drawn to or interested in?

4. What do you hope to learn in this course (skills, areas of knowledge, methods, practices, etc.)?

5. If you’ve taken a fully online course before, please identify some specific aspects of that course that you found particularly effetive or helpful as a student in that class. Please try to explain why you found the aspects effective.

6. If you’ve taken a fully online course before, please identify some specific aspects of that course that you wish had been done differently or that you did not find particuarly effective. Please try to explain why you did not find these aspects effective.

7. As we start the semester, do you have any concerns about this course that I might be able to address or help you with?

Part II: Office Hours

Because I am teaching this course remotely from Washington, DC, we will have to hold office hours online. Currently, my scheduled office hours are Mondays (6:00-7:00 PM) and Thursdays (7:00-9:00 PM).

8. In a typical week, would you be able to get online and talk with me via Skype during some part of these office hours?

9. Would you be interesting in having some office hours held as a voluntary (drop-in) small group discussion format using group conferencing software such as or Google Hangouts?

Part III: Your Blog

Please provide the URL for your course blog. (See the Online Writing Activities Assignment Guidelines for more information.)

Part IV: Syllabus Questions

By submitting this questionnaire, you are certifying that you have read the course syllabus and are aware of the following policies, including but not limited to:

• The requirements for the course,
• What constitutes attendance and participation,
• The late assignment policy,
• Issues of academic honesty,
• Have read the English Department’s The Correct Use of Borrowed Information,
• How to contact the instructor during office hours,
• How to contact the instructor outside of office hours,
• What questions should be sent to course listserv and what questions should be emailed privately to the instructor,
• Appropriate email ettiqutte regarding subject headings, salutations, and closing.

If you have any questions regarding the syllabus and/or the policies and procedures for this course, please list them here.

Your Questions

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