Contacting Your Instructor

Because I am teaching our course remotely from Washington, DC, maintaining open channels of communication is both vital and limited to online interaction. While you can expect me to be available as a resource from which to draw and to obtain feedback, I can not be available 24/7. Please plan your time so that you can get a response to a message from me in time for it to be useful.

Please note: I do not have an on-campus office, I do not have campus phone or voice mail, and I am not able to pick up material left in the English Department. Therefore, the best ways to contact me are as follows:

During Office Hours

During office hours, the best way to contact me is via Skype where we can interact via audio or video chat depending upon your preference. Currently, I am looking into the possibility of holding one hour of group office hours per week via Zoom ( or Google Hangout for anyone who wants to talk about the class and class-related issues as a group.

Outside of Office Hours

Outside of office hours, the best way to contact me is via email, even if it is to schedule a Skype conversation outside of my scheduled office hours. I will check my Winthrop email address at least once a day – usually a few times during the day – and will respond as I can. Please give me a full 24 hours to respond. If after 24 hours you have not heard from me, assume that I did not receive your message and feel free to send a follow up. If I haven’t responded in less than 24 hours, assume that I have not been able to check my email and I will respond as soon as I can.

Class-related emails should be considered a form of professional communication. Please use an appropriate, informative subject heading, a professional salutation or greeting, and sign off with your first and last name.
If you are looking for me to provide you with specific information or are asking me to perform a specific task for you, please state that upfront. You can offer an explanation or context in the following paragraph(s).

General Questions and the Course Listserv

The best and fastest way to get answers to general questions regarding assignments, course policies, etc., is to send an email to the course listserv ([email protected]). Not only will this allow me to answer a general question once rather than repeatedly for mulitple individuals, there’s a chance that one of your classmates might know the answer and be able to respond to your question before I’ve had a chance to see it.
Winthrop automatically generates a listserv for each class using the Winthrop e-mail addresses of all students enrolled in a class on the first day of instruction. If you add the class late or if you prefer to use an alternate e-mail address, you must personally enroll in the listserv. You can find the instructions for doing so at

Course Twitter

While using Twitter is not a requirement for this course, there is a course Twitter account (@writ502) will be used to distribute course related information. All vital information will also be distributed via the course listserv and/or posted to the course website. The hastag for course-related Twitter posts is #writ502.

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