Notes from the Walter J. Ong Archive


Teaching Interests

Areas of major focus:

  • History and theory of composition studies and rhetoric (emphasis in computers and writing, digital rhetoric, medieval rhetoric, and rhetorical memory) ;
  • Medieval literature and language (Old and Middle English, and Old Norse); and
  • Orality-literacy studies and media ecology of oral, manuscript, print, and digital culture.

Areas of secondary focus:

  • Digital Humanities;
  • British literature;
  • Medievalism;
  • Science fiction and fantasy

Teaching Philosophy

Select Courses

ENG 251: Advanced Composition: Remixing Academic Writing. Creighton University. Spring 2011.

ENG 251: Advanced Composition: Image, Sound, Text. Creighton University. Spring 2010.

ENG: 315: Technical and Professional Writing. Creighton University. Spring 2010.

ENG: 495: Composition in the Digital Age. Creighton University. Fall 2008.

ENG 150: Rhetoric and Composition. Creighton University. Fall 2008-Spring 2011.

English 101: College Reading and Writing I. University of North Carolina Wilmington. Spring 2008.

English 303: Reading and Writing Arguments. University of North Carolina Wilmington. Spring 2008.

English 389: Rhetorical Theory from 1900. University of North Carolina Wilmington. Spring 2008.

English 201: College Reading and Writing II. University of North Carolina Wilmington. Fall 2007.

English 388: Rhetorical Theory to 1900. University of North Carolina Wilmington. Fall 2007.

English 496: New Media Writing and Online Design. University of North Carolina Wilmington. Fall 2007.

English 365: Science Fiction. Saint Louis University. Spring 2006.

English 202: Introduction to Literary Studies. Saint Louis University. Fall, 2005.

English 316: J.R.R. Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings and Its Literary Context. Saint Louis University. Spring 2001.

English 190: Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research. Saint Louis University. Spring 1998-Spring 2007. (8 sections.).

English 150: The Process of Composition. Saint Louis University. Fall 1997-Fall 2006. (4 sections.)

Select Workshops

Comment Demonstration.” For Bedford/St. Martin's at the Conference on College Composition and Communication. San Francisco, CA, 17 and 18 March 2005, and San Antonio, TX. 25 & 26 March 2004.

“Using Comment to Support Collaboration and Peer Review.” For Bedford/St. Martin's at Colorado State University - Pueblo, 27 October 2004; University of Alabama Writing Program, University of Alabama, 18 October 2004; and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 15 October 2004.

MOOShop Workshops: ProgShop, TeacherShop, and NewMOOerShop (A series of workshops on using MOO for professional activities.)

“Computer-mediated Communication and the Classroom.” English Department Writing Program Workshop. Saint Louis University, St. Louis. 31 March 2005.

Select Guest Lectures

“@digging Writing: MOO-based Writing Assignments in the English Classroom.” Judith Kilborn's English 400/600 “Teaching in Cyberspace,” St. Cloud State University. Online at MOO Connections

“An Introduction to Old Norse-Icelandic Literature.” Professor Christine Rose's English 426/526 “Medieval Literature I.” Portland State University, Portland. 25 February 1997 and 2 March 1995.

“Tolkien and Medieval Literature.” Professor Marjorie Burns' English 300 “Tolkien.” Portland State University, Portland, OR. 9 November 1995.

Online Educational Resources

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