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Digging Composition 4

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In a moment, I’m going to show a Web slide of a MOO log generated from "The Anchorhold" on Acadiana MOO. I created the room for The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Rhetoric Symposium that was in April. The room is not intended to be a comprehensive example of a MOO-based writing project but rather a space to give a sense of how I envision MOO rooms and objects working together.

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Acadiana, like Connections and MOOville, is a JHCore MOO. One important difference between JHCore and Lambda Core MOOs (including the enCore varieties) is the @integrate_room property which allows the object to be integrated into a room’s description. I’m particularly fond of @integrate as it allows two levels of description/information on objects. There’s the surface level description of @integrate and a deeper level of description set by @describe. The point is that @integrate allows you to set more detailed information than “You see a book here.” In the description of the Anchorhold, everything after the first line of description is set with the @integrate property.

The Anchorhold (link opens a new window)

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